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We are honored to offer this Tarahumara folk violin for sale. It is hand-crafted by the premier violin maker of the entire Tarahumara Nation, Patracinio Lopez. He has won the national violin making championship in Creel (Copper Canyon, Mexico) more than six times in a row.


Violins were introduced to the Tarahumara Indians by the Spanish in the 1500s. Violins have been used ever since in their ceremonial dances and festivities along with flutes, and drums. The Tarahumara Indians, about 40,000, are called a nation of violinists.


The Tarahumara are the last group of native peoples in North America not assimilated by modern society.


By purchasing this prized violin you are helping a family still living in harmony with nature; still growing beans, corn and squash as subsistence farmers to maintain their rich culture and buy things they cannot grow.


The violin pictured is the only one we have in stock. We will be able to offer another violin for sale when this one is sold. We make three; sometime four buying trips a year to the Copper Canyon and would buy another violin at that time.

Tarahumara Folk Violin